Our Motto & Vision


The Saint Momina School brings in joy of learning and caring in all aspects. The school promotes creativity, collaboration, inquisitiveness and personal integrity in a blend that fosters success for all students and staff of the school.


A school where every child is the center of attention


  • To empower students with academic proficiency in Literature, Mathematics, Science (Applied & Pure), The Humanities, Fine Arts & Crafts, Sports and outbound experiences
  • To create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and committed to academic rigour
  • To cultivate a thirst for knowledge and higher education in every student
  • To continuously add value to our curriculum and improve programming in order to enhance the skill sets and all-round development of our students
  • To build and maintain a faculty that has highly-qualified and respected teachers
  • To align the goals of students, parents and teachers in order to achieve higher standards in learning and get the best results
  • To ensure that our students feel safe, secure, and supported at all times, with a sense of belonging
  • To provide students, and their families, social and emotional support throughout the formative and senior learning years
  • To ensure that every student is given the opportunity to build leadership qualities and to develop social skills that can lead to success in school and in life