About School

At Saint Momina School, we relentlessly remain geared up to exercise a close, constant vigil over the task being carried out by the learners. They are assigned the ideologically innovative, conceptually renovation and collaboratively conducing tasks to comply with the major emphasis over the revivification of dying moral values by dint of various means like assemblage , counseling sessions, individual guidance in extremely degraded cases is being put by us cohesively. The institution is always endeavoring adherence to attain excellence in ethics, etiquette and social values. We keep a strictest watch over the adolescents in order to not let them diverted from their focused aim. We incline to make them realize that vigor and resolution are not alone capable of achieving success though they are generally necessary to achieve them.

At Saint Momina School, We eyes a multifariously aimed education that renders the rejuvenating minds equipped with mental preparedness to counter the stiff challenges of life. The pedagogically philosophized mods operand of imparting education at Saint Momina’s aims to create knowledge, retest it through practice and integrate universally. We apprise them the quality education that is about preparing for life. Approach to learning is distinct which focuses not only academic excellence but also in assisting learners develop their character, creativity, values, personal leadership and the spirit of enterprise necessary for them to achieve their full potential as global citizens and leaders of the future.

At Saint Momina School, we are providing co-ed to the learners of adjoin areas. The institution emphasizes maximally the physical, mental, moral, intellectual, sociological, spiritual development of a child. The austerity & chastity of character are the gems we are sowing & nurturing among the students. We make them realize that, “character is like a clean state on which fingers of experience go to write. If once stained, it is stained forever and it could never be retained.